Chästeilet and cow-sharing

Wengen invites you to its cheese festival

As summer draws to an end, it's festival time in Wengen. The Chästeilet (cheese sharing) festival is a combination of culture and tradition. Young and old, farmers and company directors all come together to enjoy the unique atmosphere, musical entertainment and culinary delights. And for the owners of "cow shares", it's time for a tasty dividend.

Born as a "Stammtisch" idea...

In an idea originally dreamt up over a drink by a group of chefs in Wengen, it was many years ago that they hosted their first big cultural and culinary event. No-one would then have imagined that the celebration of cheese would mature into a tasty annual festival. The Chästeilet in Wengen is a celebration to mark the end of the alpine summer, when the rounds of cheese produced during that summer are distributed between the farmers and sold locally. Visitors enjoy the varied programme of live music, the culinary treats and the wide range of alpine produce.

Cow sharing

Like the idea for the Chästeilet, the new concept of cow-sharing was a lightbulb moment. The shares guarantee to the farmers that they will be able to sell their cheese. Anyone owning a share can claim their dividend at the Chästeilet, consisting of a round of alpine cheese and other delicious treats.

See the Chästeilet for yourself...

...on Sunday, 27 September 2020