Course du Lauberhorn à Wengen

Descendre la montagne avec le vent derrière eux

Lorsque la course du Lauberhorn aura lieu en janvier, des milliers de passionnés de ski transforment les zones qui bordent l’itinéraire en une longue fête. La course de ski organisée par la FIS se déroule chaque année à Wengen depuis 1930. C'est l'une des courses classiques de la Coupe du monde de ski alpin et est considérée comme le parcours de descente le plus difficile au monde. Il y a beaucoup d'histoires passionnantes sur l'événement ...

Icy cold conditions

A ski slope that has been prepared for an FIS World Cup race is not to be recommended for normal skiers, however experienced they may be. That's because these courses consist of pure ice rather than snow. If you lose your edge grip here, you experience a terrifyingly fast descent into the safety net. It makes even the professionals nervous - no surprise that they barely even take a breath until they have crossed the finishing line.

Karl Molitor, cheeky record-breaker

Then there is the entertaining story of "Moli", one of the all-time greats of Swiss skiing. He was born in 1920 in Wengen, the son of a shoemaker who owned a sports shop. After making a name for himself as a mere 13-year-old lad by taking part in the Jungfrau ski jumping competition, in 1939 he became the triumphant winner of the Lauberhorn Race – the toughest course in the world. And with a lead of nine seconds! His record attracted attention all over the country and everyone was asking: "How ever did he do it?"

Six-times Lauberhorn winner

Along with other successes, Molitor went on to win the Lauberhorn five more times, in 1940, '42, '43, '45 and '47. With a total of six wins, he was the undisputed record-holder. But the mystery about his first victory dogged Moli right into old age. People thought he might have taken a short cut, but there was no evidence for that. Then, in an interview with a magazine, the champion eventually gave away his secret: the night before, his village ski instructor and his pupils had trampled down a short cut for him between two gates near the Staubbachbänkli hut. So Moli did indeed go off on to his unofficial private slope – but it turned out to be far too narrow: it was only the width of one ski, and he barely had room to brake. He accelerated so fast that, terrified, he fell over when he rejoined the piste 150 metres further down. But his luck was in: when he stood up again, his skis were pointing towards the finishing line. And so, with a few pushes with his poles and a nine-second lead, he managed to reach the finishing line.

Later, after a successful skiing career, Moli took up his father's job and continued to manage the sports shops. From 1952 he was also President of the Ski Club and, for 35 years, Race Director of the Lauberhorn Race. This sporting legend died in Grindelwald in 2014 at the age of 94.

Sunstar Wengen catches Lauberhorn fever

Our hosts in Wengen are also big fans of this annual event! The three different areas of the hotel restaurant are named after the sections of the race course and you can see several signed photos of famous racing skiers.

Want to join in the excitement? 

The next Lauberhorn Race will take place from 18–20.1.2019 in Wengen.

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